Both Canada and the Government of the NWT have been significant partners and sources of support for research on common issues of concern related to wildlife, water stewardship, species at risk and a protected areas strategy for Kwets’oota’aa. From 2008 to 2010, Health Canada, under its Adaptation Envelope, sponsored an invaluable, multi-year project to look at Child and Family Services programming in our communities through the lens of a Tłıc̨hǫ cultural framework. The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre of the GNWT Department of Education, Culture and Employment has been outstanding in their support over the years in projects such as Tłıc̨hǫ K’ielà (The Birchbark Canoe Project), Tłıc̨hǫ Ekwo Nıh̨ mbàa (The Caribou Skin Lodge Project), work related to the Įdaà Trail and, most recently, a Tłıc̨hǫ music project.

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