Our Research Agenda

Since the early years of the 20th century, research has been conducted in the Tłıc̨hǫ region, frequently with little or no community oversight and involvement. From initially only serving the goals of academia, government and the corporate sector, the purpose of Tłıc̨hǫ research has increasingly shifted to support local goals to sustain Tłıc̨hǫ lands, language, culture and way of life. It is intended that the Tłıchǫ Research and Training Institute (TRTI) will support our research goals by:

  • promoting research projects and activities involving our elders and youth,
  • developing and training Tłıchǫ researchers,
  • developing and using indigenous research design and appropriate community methodologies, and publish our work in a variety of media, including online at www.tlicho.ca,  
  • developing  a Tłıchǫ digital database of oral history, maps, photographs, video and other documentary resources,
  • reviewing  proposed research submitted for licensing through the Aurora Research Institute and providing support and assistance to approved research while promoting collaboration with academic, government and corporate partners.

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