Dedats’eetsaa is a sacred site on the trail to Mesa Lake between Tikwooti ( Brown Water Lake) and Tsı̨k’eèmìtì (Emile River). A giant rock promontory with an open crevasse at the top rises from... Read more

Through September 4-7, the recent graduates from the Tłįchǫ Environmental Monitoring Program, in cooperation with members of the Wek’ èezhı̀i Land and Water Board, Environment and Natural... Read more

The Tłįchǫ Aquatic Environmental Monitoring Program (TAEMP) is a partnership between the Tłįchǫ communities, the Wekʼèezhìi  Renewable Resources Board (WRRB), the Tłįchǫ Government, Wek’èezhìı... Read more

Tłįchǫ representatives Joseph Judas, Archie Wetrade and Petter Jacobsen attended the 8th International Congress of Arctic Social Sciences (ICASS VIII) at the the University of Northern British... Read more

Indigenous scholars have suggested that traditional knowledge unifies theory and practice and that it cannot be separated from a way of being and a way of doing. TK as a way of knowing is a method... Read more

Traditional knowledge has been with us forever, guiding how we make our living here in the Northwest Territories.  However, despite years of debate in public settings, involving virtually all... Read more

The canoers arrived yesterday evening at 11.30pm in Gameti after an 18 day canoe journey from Gameti to Gotsokati (Mesa Lake) and back to Gameti. Lots of people showed up at the last portage to... Read more

The Tłįchǫ continue to keep the tradition alive by traveling with canoe to the Tłįchǫ Annual Gathering in Whati this year. This year 108 people travel in 18 canoes from Behchoko to Whati to honour... Read more

Youth in the Tlicho will have the opportunity to explore the subject of suicide through art next month.

Community Action Research Team (CART), a research group that combines modern and traditional... Read more

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