"We Watch Everything" a Methodology for Boots-on-the-Ground Caribou Monitoring

General Interest
Release Date: 
August, 2017

This report provides the context and background of We Watch Everything: a Methodology for the Boots on the Ground caribou monitoring program. The document describes the TK framework of We Watch Everything a holistic monitoring approach combining the biological and the cultural; the field-based methodology named Do as Hunters Do based on a Participatory Action Research (PAR) approach; and, the details involved in recording knowledge in the field, including details of the participatory approach. The objectives of the pilot year for the Boots on the Ground program included setting up a long term traditional knowledge monitoring program for the Bathurst caribou and monitor the conditions of Bathurst herd's summer range by focusing on indicators: (1) caribou habitat and environment, (2) caribou, (3) predators, and (4) industrial disturbance.