Hozi Deè: By Canoe from Gamètì to Gots'ǫkàtı̀, and back.

Traditional Knowledge, Health and Wellness, Language and Culture

The Tłı̨chǫ have always travelled long ways to maintain their traditional way of life and their network of trails cover their entire traditional land use area. From August 22nd to September 9th 2014, four canoes went on a 18 day return trip from Gameti to Gots'ǫkàtı̀ on the barrenland, to revive and open up the old canoe trail. This project stems from the community members desire to revive the network of traditional trails and the associated important cultural places. Part of the project, was to strengthen the language and cultural knowledge of younger generations. Of the 23 participants, 16 were young persons who learned from the elders who know the land travelled through. A documentary will be produced of the journey to the barrenlands and the elders’ teachings.