Tłıcho Traditional Knowledge Research

“That way of life is our elders’ culture. When our forefathers lived on this earth, from the time they woke up until the time they went to sleep they worked on the land. Even though they didn’t speak English, when they spoke it was a great education for us... Today, we are talking about their traditions. We are talking about how we can make them strong within our people once again!” – Jimmy B. Rabesca (1990) in Strong Like Two People

Drying fish in the tradition of our elders

A growing body of work on Aboriginal research processes is based on an exploration of the development and use of indigenous research design and appropriate community methodologies, such as narrative and participatory action research. Applying such methodologies, our TK research aims to support Tłıc̨hǫ priorities. Based on an exploration of Aboriginal “ways of knowing”, Tłıc̨hǫ TK research emerges from the deeply contextual, relational and integrated Tłıc̨hǫ worldview to understand and find solutions to the issues facing our people and our land. We have been pleased to encourage a growing number of mutually beneficial research, training and developmental partnerships with academic institutions, other levels of government, corporations and non-governmental organizations over the past 20 years.

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