Tłı̨chǫ Placenames — Indicators of Knowing Mǫwhì Gogha Dè Nı̨ı̨tłèè

Traditional Knowledge, Historical Research

This project was a continuation of the studies funded by the West Kitikmeot Slave Study Society on placenames as indicators of bio-geographic knowledge, and caribou migration and the state of their habitat. To record and document places and placenames in Mǫwhì Gogha Dè Nı̨ı̨tłèè, the research team worked with Elders in Tłıchǫ communities. They documented placenames and the stories Elders shared. The study area takes in all of Tłıchǫ nèèk’e—the place where Tłıchǫ belong. This includes traditional territory within Mǫwhì Gogha Dè Nı̨ı̨tłèè as well as neighbouring areas well known to and used by Tłıchǫ people, especially areas to the northwest around Sahtì, southwest to Dehtso, and eastward into the tundra.